Interview: Xander Smit

Posted 13 years ago / Features

C72 developed the Audio Design for VARA’s digital theme channel Consumenten24. VARA was one of the first broadcasters who started with ‘TV over internet’. Xander Smit is project manager for Consumenten24 and we asked him five questions.


Can you tell something about the origin of theme channels?

Limited broadcasting time doesn’t exist on internet; there we determine when, what and how long we broadcast. Besides that new technological developments play a role. At first we couldn’t broadcast through internet due to the lack of image quality. This has enormously improved. Broadcasting through internet is an opportunity we can’t pass over. Especially if you consider all the extra interactive possibilities.


What’s your role in the development of theme channels?

We’re one of the leaders. VPRO was first with 3VOOR12. They did the real pioneering work. Now we want to get a bigger range. That’s why we started Consumenten24. This is a theme we know has much potential, because of the success of Kassa (consumer programme) on internet and television. We will daily produce a few programmes under which the latest consumer news.


Can you tell something about the collaboration with C72?

On this I can be very short: quality, not just of the product but also in the process. And believe me, that doesn’t always go that smoothly. I rarely met a party that is so punctual in observing their agreements.


In which way do you give credit on the quality of audio with video?

Video without audio is nothing. Just by adjusting the audio, a bumper or leader can come alive. Audio is heavily being underestimated, it is absolutely a different profession.


What is your view on the future of television?

I really believe in integrating internet and television. But how will this go? Ofcourse nobody knows this. Personally I expect internet to slowly creep into the living room. The television will become a multimedia machine on which people watch television and video’s, play games and go shopping. Besides that On Demand will become more and more important. But there will always be a need for regular television, because the medium is just too powerfull.