Daft Punk

Posted 6 years ago / Music

No one will have missed it, considering that pretty much every music blog in the world, and half the tech blogs, have a link to the iTunes page of Daft Punk. “It’s here. Listen now on iTunes.” Even the marketing blogs can’t say enough about the release campaign for Random Access Memories. “The art of building hype”. The helmeted French electronic duo stands not only for incomparable music, but also for a legendary visual image and brilliant marketing. Whereas usually in the run-up to an album release, musicians are looking for maximum publicity, Daft Punk have always shrouded themselves in mystery. So it’s with due pride that I can say we had the honor of working on this. For Sony Music, we made the Dutch commercials and billboards. The TV spot, with an unusual length of one minute, can be seen on De Wereld Draait Door and the UEFA Champions League Finale. You’ll also have come across our moving billboards at the Dutch railway stations and in Amsterdam, Leiden and The Hague.