Signal vs Noise

C72 is an artist-driven, creative sound design studio based in Hilversum (NL). We offer finely crafted sound design, voice overs and audio post for all kinds of content creators.

Our clients are advertisers, agencies, brands, broadcasters, developers, filmmakers, motion designers — all of whom demand the very highest quality in sound for their productions.

Studio Facilities

The key aspect of our studio is a strong gesture that is simple, creative and inspiring. We have the very best in technique and team, sound proof box-in-box floating spaces, fresh air system — as well as perfect espressos, always with a good “crema”.

Voice-over Talent

We draw upon an elite selection of very talented voice actors — people we like to work with, and of whom we know that success is guaranteed. We also provide custom voice castings for both large or small projects.

Remote Connect / Worldwide Studio Link

Technology can save on travel expenses. Want the USA movie trailer voice? Need to re-dub a commerical with talent from Berlin? C72 is digitally linked with pre-eminent sound studios around the world, and we support all codecs.

Green C72

We are eco-conscious, and not because it’s hip. Our studio is made from durable and recycable materials. We bank at Triodos Bank, and use our own renewable energy. This website is also hosted green.

About Paul Cupido (’72)

Stories can be told through all forms of art. I’m specialised in conveying your message through sound. My name is Paul Cupido. I grew up on the island of Terschelling. I became aware of the effect sound has on people when I was 0.1 seconds old.